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How to Make Ink for your Quill

Ink making is fun and easy. You just need a few basic supplies. And there are actually lots of different ways to make it. In this tutorial I will show you some of the easier and quicker ways to make ink.

I also have a video tutorial at the bottom of this page.


I also have lots more projects on my youtube channel here.


The picture here also shows some feather Quill Pens. I have a tutorial on how to make them right here.

Overview of Ink and how it is made.

Typically you need three different components when making Ink. First you need the pigment. This gives you the color. Second you need something that will adhere the pigment to the paper. And thirdly, with some types of ink you need something that will preserve it well. But this is only with some types of ink.

Method 1: Make Ink With Berries

This picture shows three different inks I made with berries. You can see that you can get a wonderful variety of ink colors with different types of berries. I am guessing but you probably can use cherries and strawberries too!

This is a pretty simple way of making ink and it is quick and easy. It also uses commonly found materials.

What you need:

  • Some type of berry, blueberry, raspberry or blackberry is common
  • Some plain old white vinegar
  • Salt
  • A little bit of water (optional)
  • A screen or sifter
  • The picture also shows a mortar and pestle you can use rather than the screen and bowl, and two tiny glass bottles that are perfect for storing your ink

The ingredients and materials


Strain and smash berries

Put your berries in your strainer and smash them up so the juice flows out into the bowl. Typically you use about a half cup of berries.







Add white vinegar

Add about a half teaspoon of white vinegar.









Add salt

And add a half teaspoon of table salt.










Stir the mixture

Stir it up and you are done! Now take a good look at it. You can change the consistency easily. A few drops of water will thin it out a bit. And if you want to thicken it up a bit just smush a few more berries into it.








Container of ink

Fill up a little container and you are all done!










Writng with home made ink


Watch the Video Tutorial here:




Making Walnut Ink for Fun and Profit: How to guide.

A step by step guide to making walnut ink. Once you make your own you will never want to go back to the others again. It is wonderful in a fountain pen or with a dip pen. It can be used for drawing or for writing in your favorite journal.



Speedball 2-Ounce India Ink, Super Black

Super black India inks are specially formulated for making clean images with Speedball pens. Ideal for drawing, cartooning, lettering, calligraphy, airbrushing, scratchboards. Waterproof drawing inks. Contains 100 percent black pigment. No dyes. Superior lightfastness. Available in 2-ounce. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Imported.