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Make Paper from Corn Part 2

We now have the corn husk nicely softened. In this part of the tutorial we follow common paper making techniques and make paper out of it.



Mash the pulp with a mallet

This step is optional but you might consider it. It will make the paper finer. You can hammer it or mallet it. The more hammering you do the better the paper will do. This further breaks down the fibers.

Blend the pulp

Now break out the blender. Add water and some of the corn fibers and blend it thoroughly.

Monitor the blendind and experiment a bit with the amount of water and the amount of fiber. Try different blender settings too.

Observe the pulp

You want to get your mixture similar to this. It is kind of like a fibrous and chunky green milkshake.

Pour pulp onto screen

Now you pour it evenly onto your mold and deckle.

A mold and deckle

How to make a mold and deckle

The Mold and Deckle is a small wooden setup with a screen that you use to make the paper. It is easy to make. I show you how. Make a mold and deckle

The paper out of the pulpl

Ok! there is our sheet of paper. Although it is water logged. So let's start the process of removing the water from it.

Pad it dry with something absorbent

There are different ways to begin the drying out process of the paper. You can use a sponge, paper towels, dish towels or couching paper to begin absorbing away the water.

Lift the screen

Once a fair amount of water has been removed you should couch the paper onto something. You do this by flipping the mold over then gently remove the screened mold.

Place the corn paper on absorbent sheet

There you go. A sheet of corn paper! From here we continue to dry it.

NextLet's continue and finish the paper making

Papermaking with Garden Plants & Common Weeds

Papermaking with Garden Plants & Common Weeds

Handmade paper has a unique texture and an individual quality that makes it not only a surface to write or print on, but also an object of beauty. With a small investment in equipment (or the supplies to make it from scratch), a small harvest of backyard weeds or garden plants, and the guidance of papermaking expert Helen Hiebert, anyone can make exquisite papers right in the home kitchen.


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