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Intermediate paper making continued

Ok! In this part of the tutorial we learn the dipping method of making paper and we learn how to use fresh made paper with a mold to form three dimensional objects.

Part one of this tutorial is here


3. Dipping the mold into the paper pulp

Pouring the pulp

In the beginner tutorial we used the simple and easy method of making paper by mixing up pulp in a blender then pouring it into the mold just like you see in this picture here.

Dipping the mold

But another technique which is a little bit more skilled is that of dipping the mold and deckle right into a solution of pulpy water.

pull up the mold

Then you slowly pull up the mold out of the solution.

You will quickly get a feel for how this feels and what kind of paper you make. You can pull it straight up or you can slowly angle it up. You can even angle it down as you put it into the solution, thus scooping the solution.

About pulling consecutive sheets out of the bath

As you draw out sheets of paper from that solution of pulp you are removing more and more fiber from it. That means that the sheets will get thinner and thinner. Which is quite nice up to a certain point. But at some point you are going to want to blend up more pulp and add it to the batch of water to re-thicken the sheets.

The following two pictures shows the first paper from the bath and then the seventh sheet. Notice how the seventh sheet is thinner and more uneven. Much more light shines through it and it is spotty. So keep an eye on the paper as you make sheets.

Shine a light through the paper  Shine a light through the paper


Advanced Tip:

You can buy molds and deckles that are specifically helpful with the dipping method of paper making. They have a lip on them that is a certain height. What this does it control the amount of pulp that will stay on the screen. This controls the thickness of the paper that you make. If you make your own molds and deckles you might want to experiment with the thickness of the deckle!


NextLet's continue form 3d shapes with the paper we make



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