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How to Make Rubber Stamps Part 2



In this part of the tutorial we take a better look at the tools and materials then we begin the carving.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


We are going to do this project on rubber. There are two basic types of product to carve on. The one on the left is linoleum and the one on the right is rubber. The linoleum is a block of wood with a layer of linoleum on it for carving. The rubber one is just a thick sheet of rubber.

The rubber is much easier to use and generally great for smaller projects and simpler project. We go to the block when we want to make something more complex or more detailed.

Two types of carvng blocks


Carving tools

And let's take a quick look at the carving tools. It is a pretty simple setup . Each of the metal tips is numbered 1 thru 5. The larger the number the larger the cut you make. Typically we start with the number one to make fine cuts and outline cuts. The wooden dowel is a neat little pushing tool. We push it through the handle to pop out the metal tip so we can insert another one.

Ok! Let's start making a stamp!


The pattern

We start with a design. What do you want to make a stamp of? We chose the DawnGuard Rune shield from Skyrim. Draw it out. You can draw it on paper or directly onto your stamp.


Put plenty of graphite on the drawing with a pencil.

The runeshield

Want to make the actual shield?

Make the Dawnguard Rune Shield from Skyrim

Two pieces of foamboard or cardboard makes this shield. I have the template for you which makes it easy to do. And this shield looks great. Make the Rune Shield



place drawing on rubber pad

Flip that drawing over and put it on your rubber block and rub it so the pattern is transferred to the rubber.

The pattern is transferred

Ok, the pattern is transferred. It might need a little work to touch up the lines and clarity. You can erase on this rubber quite easily and touch things up.

Touch up the drawing

You can also draw directly on the rubber. That is quite ok.

I recommend for your first few stamps you try not to get too detailed. You should get a little practice with the carving first. Keep it simple for now.

Begin carving

Ok, how you want your stamp to appear determines how you cut it. We want the lines here to be the same as the stamp so we start with the thinnest tool (#1) and carve lines around all those drawn lines.

What you carve away will not show up on the stamp.

Closeup of the carving

So, what we have done is carved around all the lines that we want to keep.

Carve away excess rubber

Now let's carve away all the rubber we don't want. Having carved around all the lines first will make this step easier. We will be able to remove a lot of the rubber easily.

Diagram of carved away rubber

This picture is marked up with some yellow to give you an idea of what we are carving.

The areas that are not yellow will get inked and show up in the stamp.

The pattern is done

Ok, it looks pretty good. Most of the carving is done. It just needs some touch up and clean up.

The stamp carving is done

Now we just need to carve away the empty space around the pattern. Here we have it all just about done.

Ok, lets ink this so you can see how it stamps.



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