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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions
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The Vision

Thanks for coming to this page. Let me explain what I have embarked on.


Do you dream of living a simpler life? I do.A life that is more connected with the Earth and the things that are real. How about living a life the way they did in Medieval Europe or the Renaissance?

That is what I am doing. Just the same way they did it back then. You build a castle and a community of people around it. That means we need blacksmiths, farmers, mead makers, stone masons, knights, millers, drapers, bakers, weavers, fishmongers, cartwrights, chandlers, cordwainers, cobblers, coopers and much much more.

Be part of the dream. Start your life anew. Let's build a community that lives a simpler life.

Here is the beginning of the Castle:


More about the castle on it's website here: MerryMead Castle


I have the first version of this castle done. It is an eight page pdf which includes the base sheet that you assemble it on. There are not yet any instructions to go with it. But you should be able to put it together relatively easily. I recommend you print it up onto some kind of index card or card stock. 90 pound paper is the best. Download it here: Merry Mead Castle Paper booklet

(If you need 90 pound paper it is available on amazon right here)


Do you have skill or experience in a Medieval art or practice? Contact me! Contribute to my website and contribute to the building of the castle!!

So, How do you participate in the fun?

There are seven different ways:

  1. Have some work for me? Do you need an article, tutorial or book written? I can write it. As long as it is within the realm of subjects I cover!
  2. A one time donation through paypal
  3. A monthly pledge through Patreon
  4. Buy something for me on my Amazon Wish List
  5. Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, social network about his website and youtube channel!
  6. Have some skill with one of my subjects? Write an article, create a tutorial. Contribute to my website. You will become famous! Well.. not really famous. But I sure would be grateful!! And of course you get credit and I email you a certificate of contribution.
  7. Buy one of my books. They are in various forms and all available on amazon.com. Check out Will's Books here

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About Patreon: What can you get?

If you sign up to be a patron I have a whole lot of goodies for you to choose from Including:

  • A certificate of contribution
  • A postcard from my hometown
  • Honorary Knighthood
  • My meadmaking ebooks
  • My book on Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas
  • Hand forged Miniature Nailsword
  • Shoutout on my youtube channel

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