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Foam Board Tools

Foam board is a very handy material for making things. It is easy to work with using common arts and crafts tools. But there are some tools specifically made for it. I show them to you here.

Looking for a project to make with foam board? I have a whole lot of them right here:

Foam Board Projects on my youtube channel



I have a video all about foam board right here. It includes the various tools you use to work on it.



The One tool that I can't do without when it comes to working with foam board is an X-acto knife. I love it! It is my go to tool.

X-ACTO Z Series #1 Knife with Cap (XZ3601)





Logan Foam Werks Foam Cutting Tool, Straight/Bevel





Logan WC-4010 FoamWerks Foam Board Rabbet Cutter





Logan Foamwerks Foam Cutting Kit - FreeStyle Cutter WB6020, Straight/Bevel Cutter WC6010, Rabbet Cutter WC4010, Channel Rail W3001 & Foamboard Magic Book





Foamwerks Circle Cutter (1-6 inch)





Foamwerks Straight Foamboard Cutter with Adjustable Blade, 1/8 - 1/2 in





FoamWerks Hole Drill

Drill perfect holes in foamboard using one of three interchangeable quick-change drill tips included. Choose 3/4 in., 1/2 in. and 0.28 in. diameters. The Hole Drill WD-8011 works with 3/16 in. foamboard.


Here are some Foam Board Projects you might Like:


Make a Light Box

A light box is a wonderful little thing. You can use it for tracing, drawing, and even reading x-rays. But they are very expensive to purchase. I have a nice tutorial here that shows you how to make a great one very cheap. It uses a string of LED's as the light source. How to make a light box


Make a Roman Scutum

Here is another curved foam board project. Interesting process for easily getting a beautifully curved shield. This is an easy project that looks great. And a terrific companion to my Roman Gladius sword project. Make a Roman Scutum.





Make Wolverine Claws that work

Fun and easy foam board project. I give you the template. And the claws really shoot out of the box. You can have this done in no time at all. Make Wolverine Claws that work




Make the Predator Wrist Blades !

With just foamboard, rubber bands and toothpicks I show you how to make the wrist blades and they really work. Of course I give you the template. Fun project. Make the predator wrist blades




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