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Insta Morph is a pretty remarkable material. It is a plastic but.... it is moldable. Yup, it comes in a form as beads and you warm it up in water (about 140 degrees F) and it becomes malleable so you can shape it. And as it cools it hardens in whatever shape you made. Really neat product with infinite possibilities.


InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 12 oz

InstaMorph is an advanced modeling compound that becomes moldable when warm (150 deg F) and solidifies at room temperature. It's made out of a lightweight polyester thermoplastic which acts like clay when warm, but when it cools, it's a strong plastic. Unlike other products that once they dry they are locked in that shape forever, InstaMorph can be reheated over and over again and re-molded into any number of configurations.



You heat water to 150 degrees and add the insta-morph. Let it warm up.

In a couple of minutes it will be ready. Pull it out. The black spots you see in the plastic are color pellets. I also bought the kit for coloring the insta-morph.

Now you can shape it.

And as it is being shaped the black pigment is spreading.


Until you get it to the shape you want. In the case of this project I made the DragonGlass Dagger from Game of thrones .


Here is another insta-morph project you might like:

Make Saruman's Staff from Lord of the Rings

This is a nice looking project that is very easy to make. I give you the template and show you several easy ways to make the glass globe in the center. Make Saruman's Staff from Lord of the Rings



In the Saruman's staff project we use the insta-morph to make the crystal ball on the staff. This one doesn't use any pigment.



Game of Thrones: Make a Dragon Glass Dagger

I show you how to mold plastic very easily to make this dagger from Game of Thrones. Easy easy project. And the plastic is quite amazing. You can make just about anything from it. Make a Dragon Glass Dagger



InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - Pigment Pack

These pigment pellets have been specially formulated for InstaMorph Moldable Plastic. They are super easy to use and the results are even more amazing. Now you can take classic, white InstaMorph and easily color it to become red, yellow, blue, or black. These pigment pellets are super powerful too. With one or two pellets, you can color an entire tablespoon of InstaMorph. We've included enough of each color to dye an entire 12oz jar.



InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 6 oz



InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 34 oz



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