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Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a whole line of products that do many different things. But there is the basic mod podge that I use all the time. It is kind of an all in one product that glues, seals and protects arts and crafts projects.

It is particularly great for paper , paper mache and projects that are porous like paper or cardboard.

The most common use is for when you finish making a complex project and you want to glue it all together, and give it a finish that will protect it, strengthen it, and preserve it.


They have come out with a wide range of products in the mod podge line including dishwasher safe and outdoor safe.

In some respects it is a glue and in other respects it is a finisher. But one of the most important things to thing about is to treat it like a paint in that it does come in different finishes like matte, gloss and satin. These affect the final look of your project.

If you never used mod podge there are a few different options for you to try it first including a starter pack and a variety pack.


Mod Podge

Mod Podge CS11302 Original 16-Ounce Glue, Matte Finish





Mod Podge

Plaid Mod Podge CS11205 4-Ounce, Gloss





Mod Podge


Mod Podge CS11240 Starter Pack, 2-Ounce Bottles





Mod Podge

Mod Podge Basics Bundle with 6 Items -- Gloss and Matte Medium with 4 Foam Brushes -- Comes with Photo Project Instructions!




Let's take a look at a project we use mod podge on. Here is a foam armor knights gauntlet. We used a heat gun to shape craft foam. But, it also needs to be painted then sealed. And the painting sealing is important because it will protect it, strengthen it, seal it and give it a nice glossy metallic look. Mod podge is perfect for this! If you want to make these gauntlets the tutorial is here

The completed gauntlet



Mod podge

Once we have shaped the various pieces for the gauntlet we should seal them and strengthen them. This is craft foam and applying mod podge will accomplish these things. It will also help the pieces maintain their curved shape.







Brush on the mod podge

You just brush it on.






There you go! All the pieces of one hand are mod podged and drying.

All of this is for strengthening and sealing. Once the whole project is done and painted I apply another coat of mod podge which will further seal it and give it a good surface look.




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