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ProCreate Modeling Putty

If you are into dungeons and dragons, miniature figures and sculpting this is the stuff for you. I have used it many many times to sculpt miniature warriors, treasure chests and all kinds of other stuff.

It is a two part putty. And how it works is you mix equal parts of the two halves together and it is like a clay you can work and sculpt. And over a period of time it hardens like stone. And it is done.

This period of time you have to work on it is called the "Working time" and for procreate it is about two hours. But, once it is hardened you still can do things to it like sand it file it.



ProCreate Putty, 90 grams

ProCreate is excellent for creating extremely detailed and stunning miniature sculpture.

  • "Stay where you put it" consistency makes ProCreate Putty especially well suited for the beginning sculptor.
  • Extra long 90 minute work life.
  • Smooth, non-grainy texture.
  • Less sticky so won't mess up your tools
  • Light grey color makes it easier to see fine details while sculpting.


The picture below shows the package of ProCreate, the two bars, and a ball that has been mixed together and is ready to use in sculpting. The resin is White and the Hardener is Black. You mix them thoroughly together and they make a grey colored clay.

Mixing the Putty

Then you sculpt with it. In about two hours it is totally hardened.

Tooling the Putty


Here are some tutorials where I use ProCreate


This is a very in-depth series of tutorials that take you through the whole process of sculpting your own fantasy miniatures. It includes a series of videos. How to Sculpt Fantasy Miniatures



Miniature Lizard Army

How to make a miniature army (I make lizard warriors) I show you the complete process from start with an idea and a drawing to making a whole bunch of them (as many as you want), This is an overview that explains all the steps including, wire armature, sculpting the master, making the rubber mold, and making all the miniatures. How to make a miniature army




Miniature Treasure Chest

How to Sculpt a miniature treasure chest. A treasure chest is a great first project to learn how to sculpt because it is very easy. You can get a good feel for the modelling putty. In this tutorial I sculpt three different chests and show you some techniques. I also use these chests as part of a Casting Miniatures tutorial. How to Sculpt a Miniature Treasure Chest





Miniature Dwarf

Tutorial: How to sculpt a miniature dwarf. A dwarf is a great first project because their body is easy to make. Their thick limbs and short size make them easy for beginner sculptors. See some pics and get some tips here: Sculpting a Miniature Dwarf






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