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About SmoothCast 300

Smooth Cast is plastic in liquid form. It is a very easy to use product.

It comes in two parts. You mix equal amounts of them together then gently stir. And in about 1 minute it sets into a hardened plastic. That's it! Very easy to use.

Here I show you how to do it.


Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 300 Liquid Plastic Compound Smooth-Cast 300

Let's use it.

Here I have two rubber molds. One is of a treasure chest and one is of a wooden barrel.

I mix equal parts of the smooth cast together in a little can.

And then slowly pour it, in a thin stream, into the molds.

And that's it! In about a minute it has hardened into a white plastic and you can remove it from the mold.


And they are ready to be painted.

Smooth Cast ONYX FAST Black Liquid Plastic Casting Resin - Trial Unit

Smooth-On Molding and Casting Starter Kit with Oomoo 30 and Smooth-Cast 300


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