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How to Make a Stained Glass Dagger: Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we do something called copper foiling the glass.


Fold over the foil

Now let's copper foil all the pieces.


Master foil copper foil

The first thing to know about copper foil is that it oxidizes quickly. If it oxidizes it won't solder well. And this is why we apply flux. It breaks down the oxidation and prevents the quick oxidation that happens when you heat copper. It comes in a plastic bag and when you are done with it you should put it in a sealable plastic bag.

It does come in different sizes. So What size should you get? Well, if you are just a beginner, using average glass and doing typical pieces then 7/32 is quite good. Start with that.

Peel the paper off the foil

The copper foil is adhesive and it has a paper backing. Peel off some of the paper backing.


Apply the foil to the edge

Then apply it evenly around the edge of the glass piece. Take your time with this. Try to get it as even as possible. It makes a difference in the quality of the completed project.

Wrap it all the way around the whole piece. Over lap it about a quarter inch and cut it.


Burnish down the foil

Now burnish the foil down with some kind of tool. Yu want it to be adhered nice and strong.


Fold over and burnish the foil

Then you fold the foil over onto the face of the glass and burnish it down. You do this on both sides of the glass.


Apply foil to the gem

Copper foil the gems tool.


THe glass pieces are laid out

Ok! Everything is copper foiled. and it all looks great. Next we are going to solder it.




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