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How to Make a Stained Glass Window: Part 3: Soldering

In this part of the tutorial we solder together all the glass pieces.


Apply flux to the joints

Before we do the full soldering we are going to talk solder the whole piece together. We do this at all the joints.

Start by applying flux to all the joints in the window.


Apply solder to the joints

Then apply a bead of solder to the joint.


ALl the joints have been soldered

There you go. All the joints are soldered. If your piece is composed of lots of round pieces that don't have corners you just insure that every piece is tack soldered to each piece adjacent to it.


Solder along the seams

Once everything is tacked you can start the welding. Break it down into manageable sections of a few panels at a time. Apply flux to the seams then run a bead of solder along the copper.


How to apply solder

The thing to think about is there are three motions going on! You are moving the solder along the copper foil and you are moving the hot iron along the copper foil. That is easy to understand. Both are moving evenly and smoothly along the foil. But the real trick is in remembering that you are also feeding the solder. So it isn't just moving along the copper foil. But it is also moving in at an even pace to feed the solder.

And once you have soldered it doesn't mean it is done! You can go back and heat/move the solder or add more.



Illustration showing a nice bead of solder

You are looking to achieve this. A nicely domed line of solder.






Soldering the back side of the stained glass window

Ok! flip the whole piece over and apply flux and solder the other side.


And that's it. The soldering is done. You have taken separate pieces of glass and connected them together to create a pane of glass.

NextLet's continue and finish things off



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