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How to Make a Stained Glass Window Part 4: Finishing it


We have created our stained glass window and it looks great. Now there are a few finishing things we can do with it.


The completed stained glass window with zinc came wrapping it

Adding some metal edging around it. For small windows and pieces of stained glass work this looks great. And it is a good idea for larger stained glass pieces so strength is added.

You can see in the picture here that the window has a metal frame going all the way around it. This is called zinc came. It doesn't just improve the look, it also strengthens the window.





A look at how zinc came works

See how the glass sits inside the came? this holds it all together and gives it all strength.









The soldered came

Measure and trim the came to fit the window. It is easily cut with a hack saw. And solder it together and to the window.








Strong line for reinforcement

Another technique you can use is to add strong line to your window. This is particularly good if your window is large like mine. Strong line is a steel reinforcement that you put between the pieces of glass. Ideally you want to run it horizontally across the whole window from side to side.







Put the cable between glass pieces

It is a flat cable so it fits like this between series of glass.





And that's it. Your window is ready to be installed into wood and into the wall.

The installed window


Carve a Medieval bas-reA bas relieflief

A bas relief is a flat sculpture that has some depth to it. I show you how to easily carve one in foam. I make a three panel triptych for a wizard's table. How to carve a medieval bas relief.





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