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Make a Stained Glass Beehive Ornament -Part 3: the soldering

In this part of the tutorial we get to the good stuff. You are probably very curious about how to solder stained glass. It's pretty easy and you just need a few materials/tools.


We need three things to solder the stained glass: Solder, a soldering iron, and flux.

The flux is a liquid and it is important. Don't skip it. It deoxidizes the copper so the solder will adhere properly.




Sodering Iron (100 Watt)

Soldering iron


Solder- 60/40 tin/lead


We are going to start the soldering just by tack soldering the pieces together. This is where we just do small spots in order to hold all the pieces together exactlly where we want them.

Apply flux to all the joints.

Apply flux

Then apply a dab of solder to each joint. Let the soldering iron melt the solder and have the solder run onto the joint. By starting the soldering with just this easy tack soldering we can easily undo solder points and move the glass pieces until we get it all arranged just right.


Tack soldering joints


Ok, the tack soldering is done. Let's do the full soldering.

Everything is tack soldered



Apply flux to the parts you will solder then go ahead and solder it up. Move the soldering iron and the solder in a smooth motion along the copper foil lines. Allowing the solder to flow smoothly. You can go back and touch it up as you are working on it.

Now solder it all



You are looking to achieve this. A nicely domed line of solder.

Illustration showing a nice bead of solder


Once you have done all the soldering you should flip the piece over and do all the soldering on the back side too.

Flip over and solder


And that's it the stained glass flowers are complete. And notice that I also soldered around the outside edges too. You shouldn't leave any exposed copper.

Everything is soldered


The only thing remaining to do is to add something or do something that will allow us to attach them to the beehives.

Lets' do that! Next Continue


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