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As your Stamp Collection Gets More Valuable . . .


Ok, so maybe you have been collecting stamps for a while now and it is starting to gain some value. I don't mean just as yur hobby but I mean some actual financial value.

Well, there are some things you should know in order to protect the value of it.


Upgrade from Hinges to Stamp Mounts!

A stamp in a mount

If you are still using stamp hinges I recommend you switch to mounts. This will have a big effect on preserving the value of your collection. As a collector you know that hinges and hinge marks on stamps affect the value. If you have been putting it off because of the expense now might be the time. I have mounts here


Think About Insurance

Yes, you might want to insure your collection. Just as you insure other assets in your life. But where do you start? If you are a homeowner you can start this process by making a call to whoever insures your home. There is some merit in that. See what they say. But I recommend you get specific insurance for your collection by an agency that does this. The American Philatelic Society is a good place to start. it is the premiere organization for Stamp Collecting in the United States. They have an actual stamp insurance plan. Learn more about it here.

Have your collection appraised - This is important, particularly if you want to insure your collection.



If you are using an affordable beginners album you should at some point upgrade to a high quality album. There are many companies that manufacture these including in no special order: Davo, Windsor, Lighthouse, Frank Godden, Palo, Schaubek and Lindner



Where you keep your stamps stored is very important when we think long term. Are they in a place with wide variations in temperature and humidity? This is less than desirable. You should relocate your stamp collection to somewhere that is as stable as possible. Typically a basement or an attic is not ideal. Bring them into the house!

  • Light - consider storing them in a dark place. Light will, over time, and with repeated exposure damage the collection.
  • Humidity - Unusual humidity will damage stamps and even shifts in humidity can damage them. The optimal range is between 35% and 55%.
  • Temperature - Optimal temperature for stamps is between 65 and 72 Fahrenheit.




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