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Building the Shout Wall

The shoutwall is something right out of the skyrim video game. And this whole set is pretty much about that. The shoutwall is the the main piece of this set and here I will show you a little bit about how it was made.

The big challenge with this is the smoke effect that comes out of it. I have more about the smoke special effects right here.


Here is a look at the completed shout wall. The word in the very center is hollowed out.

The completed shout wall


Behind the shoutwall

I have a fogger set up with a tube so the smoke can travel through the shout wall and through the word in the very center.


As with just about all of the animation props and sets I started with some drawings. This is an early drawing of what the wall will start to look like. The little sketch at the top shows how the wall fits into the overall scene.

Beginning the shoutwall

Most of the shoutwall is just a series of brick like shapes piled on top of each other. All of this cutting was done with a hot wire foam cutter. It really makes things quick and easy.

Carving the shoutwall

The wall is starting to take shape. The center section here will be different. We want a flat wall section for that so the words can be written on it.

The shoutwall

Just about complete. Notice the addition of the stairs in the front.

The word wall

The word wall is a thin stack of foam. The actual word for this shout is carved out so the smoke can flow through it.

These words actually mean "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"

The fog effect

This picture shows the smoke coming through the word wall and flowing into the dragonslayer.

This shoutwall came out great but there is one consideration to make when it comes to something like this. It is very difficult to get animated figure to walk cleanly on the foam sheet floor. This is because it is very thick and the bolts under the figures feet do not pass all the way through it.

I didn't have the dragonslayer walk on this. He was affixed to the floor in one spot right near the word wall. Because of the shooting and storyboard I could work most of the action without moving his feet much.


Hot wire cutter

Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter

This is the exact foam cutter that I use. It works great.



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