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DragonSlayer 7: Temple

This is a stop motion animation short film that is a little less than two minutes in length. It is the latest installment in the saga of the dragonslayer.

In this episode the dragonslayer enters the dragons temple and battles with the dragon. But he loses his shield during the fight.



Here is the animation :



The temple animation set


This picture above is a scene from the animation. I have lots of tutorials and information about how I made this temple, the dragon and how to do stop motion animation .


The dragonslayer loses his shield

How to do special effects

I have a tutorial here that shows you how to do three different special effects for animation. They include flames, a flying missile and a shield that flies through the air like the picture shown at left. How to do special effects for stop motion animation


Another shot of the temple

Making the Dragon's Temple

The dragons temple is the set for the next installment of the stop motion animation. I show you how I built this set including lighting and some really neat backlit stained glass windows. Making the Dragon's Temple




AThe dragon

Creating a foam animated figure (dragon)

I build a foam dragon and show you the process of making foam figures step by step. How to make the wire armature and how to secure the feet. How to make a foam figure for animation



The Klutz Book of Animation: How to Make Your Own Stop Motion Movies

The Klutz Book of Animation is a complete how-to treatment of stop-motion magic, from practical instruction to ready-to-shoot scripts. The software you'll need is available as a free download, ready to use on any computer (PC or Mac). All you need to provide is a video camera, a computer, and a way to connect the two. Attached to the book is a piece of low-tech, non-toxic clay, ready to be molded into a million different heroes starring in your very own fantastic animated films. Comes With: block of clay and googly eyes


The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation

Take an in-depth look at the art and techniques of stop-motion animation. The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation helps experienced stop-motion artists enhance their craft by exploring the professional methods and advanced technology used by top film studios today. This book features expanded coverage of the basic principles of animation, including specific applications for character performance and visual effect compositing techniques. All the newest technology is touched on, including detailed information on camera rigs, effects, and shooting stop-motion in stereoscopic 3D. Discover new puppet building techniques, including the technology behind the rapid prototyping of computer models for stop-motion production. You'll even find a thorough history of early feature-length stop-motion films. The practical techniques and skills presented are enhanced by interviews with many of the most celebrated stop-motion artists as well as coverage of the work of several artists working in the online stop-motion community. Whether your focus is low-budget indie filmmaking or big studio productions, The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation provides a comprehensive look at both the latest methods and the artists who are driving the revival of stop-motion animation


A Knight Animation

Use Paper

A Paper Knight A video tutorial that shows you how to do an animation using a simple drawing. This stop motion work uses a drawing of a knight. It uses 114 images, took me 90 minutes to do and the animation lasts 28 seconds. See the Tutorial here