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Building the Pews for the animation set

The pews are a nice little addition to the animation set. They fill in the main area of the set and they also serve the function of giving the shout something to send flying.

These pews were all connected by fishing line so as when the dragonslayer shouted at them I could pull the strings and send all the pews flying. That is what a Fus Ro Dah is all about.




Here is a look at the pews after they are completed and painted.

They are built out of foamboard and painted with just some general arts and crafts paints. The fleur-de-lis is stenciled on.

The pews are just cut out of foamboard. You could use cardboard for this too. There are six parts to each pew.

Here are the six parts assembled together.

The benches are simply painted brown. The fleur-de-lis is stenciled on. Use a piece of thick paper or cardstock for something like this. Regular paper won't hold up very well. And paint the stencil with a sponge, dabbing it on.

If you are doing several benches or pieces of furniture that need stenciling you might want to do the painting and the stenciling before you assemble the benches together. It makes it all so much easier to work with.

And here they are. The benches are in place and ready for shooting. I tied fishing string to each of them so they can be pulled against the wall in a fast motion. (That's the effect of the dragon shout).

Use Pipe Cleaners to Make a Stop Motion Animation

Pipe cleaners are a terrific way to make an animation. I have a complete tutorial here including everything like the set, the story and more. Pipe cleaner Stop Motion Animation

WW2 Stop Motion

Use a Diorama

New Tutorial on how to use a Diorama to make a stop motion animation. I created a 1 minute long animation with a WW2 Diorama. I show you some tricks and techniques that I used. Use a Diorama to Make a Stop Motion Animation