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How to Make an Eight Inch Reflector
Part 5: Completing the Tube

In this part of the tutorial we complete the making of the tube.

Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here



Measure for the focuser

Now let's measure and drill for the eyepiece.

Remember that we wanted it four inches from the end? Measure it and mark it.


Drill for the focuser

Then drill out a hole for your focuser. If you are using the same focuser as I am then drill a two inch hole.


drill for the mount holes

Then measure and drill for the mounting screws for the focuser. You can simply place it over the hole so it is centered then mark the location of the holes and then drill.


Test the focuser

Test it. But don't install it until after it is painted and dried.


Spray the inside black

Paint the inside a flat black. This will improve the performance of the telescope by minimizing stray light and reflected light.


Paint the outside

Then paint the outside of your telescope the color of your choice. Red is a good choice because it is visible at night and will not affect your night vision. White is also a good choice. I don't recommend black because it might be hard to see your telescope at night!

Ok! The tube is pretty much done.

Next Let's continue and make the mirror mount



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