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The Brave Terrarium Continued

Ok, in this part of the tutorial we take a look at the making of all the great little accessories inside the Brave terrarium.


The completed Angus

Here is a look at the horse (Angus) inside the terrarium.


wire and clay

Angus, and most of the other things were made by first forming the shape with some twisted wire then sculpting the shape by using Crayola air drying clay. You can use most types of air drying clay. (Crayola Air Dry Clay 2.5 Lb Bucket, White )


Mod Podge

Now, because the objects are going into a terrarium with living plants and a re-cycling water system we seal Angus and all the other objects with something. I use mod podge which is non toxic and seals nice and clear.


The Bear

The bear in the scene is made just about the same way with one exception. The fur of the bear is made out of pencil shavings. Yup! You soak pencil shavings in watered down color then let it dry. Once dry you can grind it all up in a grinder.



Merida is just an old miniature that we modified a little bit and painted.


The stone obelisks

The various stone obelisks are done the same way. They are sculpted out of air dry clay then painted and sealed.


The Lights

The string of Light emitting diodes (LED's) are simply soldered together with 100 ohm resitors. And covered with heat shrink so the moisture in the terrarium doesn't affect them. Now we just need a power supply or battery pack to light it all up.


And the Brave Terrarium is complete. If you make this terrarium be sure to send me a pic!

The Brave Terrarium



A cloche

Glass Cloche with Tray, Plant Terrarium. 7.25" H (1 pc)

Will bought this one and loves it. Great size and good feel to it.


A cloche

Glass Cloche with Tray, Plant Terrarium. 13" H (1 pc)


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