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Ingeborg's Terrariums

You know I love terrariums! And I have made a lot of them. Well, other people have made lots of them too! Here are some terrariums made by a web visitor. (Ingeborg) . And my thanks go out to her for sharing the pics with us!!

Here is what she has to say about them:

Dear Will,

On your website you ask for pictures of homemade bottle gardens. I would
love to share some of my creations, so I send you some pictures.

The 'first' one I made in november 2012. The 'second' one I made in december 2012, with sedum makinoii, a succulent, peperomia prostrata and peperomia amigo greensplit. You can also watch what it looks like now. The lower plants did great, the peperomia's both didn't make it.

The 'simple'one I made in february 2013. I just put in some cuttings of the
tradescantia and the growth is great!

The 'greenhouse' was made with some help and toys from my daughters, and you
can also see this garden after a few months. This was made with cuttings
from the peperomia rotundifolia.

I made some more gardens, but I don't have any pictures of them yet. I will
send you those soon.

Greetings, Ingeborg

Bottle garden in an apothecary jar


Bottle Garden


Bottle garden


Bottle Garden


Bottle Garden


Bottle Garden


Let's Check out more of her terrariums including a spectacular glass teapot!


The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature

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Beautiful Tabletop Gardens

Beautiful Tabletop Gardens

Create a little garden paradise in every corner of your home and enjoy its beauty year round. The designs and instructions here show how to assemble your indoor garden from plants purchased at a nursery or grown from seeds, rootings, or cuttings. Photos illustrate the basics--plants, potting techniques, containers--and provide endless inspiration. Watch a water garden grow in a punchbowl or experience the power of nature with a mini-forest of bonsai. Tend a small salad garden or one with culinary herbs and cook with its fresh-picked bounty. Recreate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon...right on a tired cake plate! Your house will turn into a veritable Garden of Eden


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