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Frog Terrariums by Pattilynn

Here are a couple of wonderful frog vivariums that are being worked on by Pattilynn. There are a few terrific things that I will point out about these and Pattilynn offers some tips and advice on how she is making these.

My thanks to Pattilynn for submitting the pictures and information.


Here is what Pattilynn has to say:

Hi Will, here are some more pics of my terrariums, I am currently working on 2 of them.with both I started the same way. layer of rocks, moss and soil. I partitioned off a water area for a fish in one. The other is going to have a fountain when its done. I have 7 different plants, 4 kinds of frogs, and a fish. They are both 100% live now except for the fake palm tree, the frogs really seem to like it, so I left it in.

The frogs are Whites tree frogs,and a bullfrog from a pond near my house. I sealed the glass with silicone in a tube, real easy to use, like glue.

Tank 2 will have a fountain when its done and the frogs in that tank are 2 firebelly toads and 3 kane toads.



Looks like a happy couple of frogs! They seem to really enjoy the fake tree!






Below is a terrific overhead picture. It shows a couple of important points when it comes to making a home for your pets. There is a wide variety of interesting things for them, branches, a hollow log, real plants, an artificial treet, water and more. This helps keep them happy. Remember the most important thing about a viviarium is the inhabitants. You have to carefully design and build everything for them! This is exactly what Patti has done here.

Interested in more frog terrariums/vivariums?

New: 55 gallon treefrog terrarium/vivarium with stream and pond:
This terrarium includes a pump that feeds a stream and pond! Nice project submitted by a web visitor including pictures and information on how he made it. The big treefrog terrarium with stream


Tree Frog VivariumA look at a tree frog terrarium/vivarium

A vivarium is a great way to make a terrarium into something special. Here I take a look at a vivarium created by a web visitor: James' Tree Frog Vivarium



More Frog Terrarium Stuff here: I have books, actual terrariums and more stuff about frog terrariums


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