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Roberta's Terrariums

Here are some wondeful terraruims made by Roberta. She is having a lot of fun with themed terrariums. Earlier she had made a great "Lost" themed terrarium Now here are a few more. And she gives us tips and links.

Will particularly likes the jeep in the rugged terrain. That's a neat little terrarium!


. Last year I sent you photos of the "Lost" terrarium featuring John Locke. We decided to do more this year for gifts. We did a Luke Skywalker/Yoda one, Yoda only and a Jeep matchbox one.

The Luke and Yoda ones used Hallmark ornaments. The Luke/Yoda ornament was airbrushed /painted with some glazes to give it a more realistic look. It came out of the box looking pretty rough, Yoda was a glowing green! For the Jeep, we painted it to match a friend of ours real Jeep and added some Golden Eagle decals that we made using decal paper that you can print.

For all the terrariums we used jars from IKEA, black aquarium gravel for the base, some basic plants from Lowes Home Center and some really cool mosses from Appalachian Emporium.  Links are below! I really love the mosses and lichens. I am surprised how much detail they add. I received them very quickly and all were in good condition. I was thinking of maybe harvesting my own this spring.


They are available on amazon.com:

Live British Soldier Cladonia Cristatella Lichen for Terrariums Gardens Bonsai 5 PACK




Live Pixie Cup 2 PACK Cladonia for Terrariums Gardens Bonsai Crafts

I absolutely love these little pixie cups. I have them in several of my terrariums.











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