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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions
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Here are more terrarium pictures submitted by web visitors. If you have made a terrarium you should take a picture or two and send it in to me!

This is page 2 of the series. You can check out more pics on page 1.



And here is a succulent terrarium made by Ms. Goad. My thanks go to her for sending in the pic!


Here is a wonderful terrarium made by Badia who is a regular contributor to this website. I absolutely love the shape of this container. It is like a glass gourd.

Glass Gourd Terrarium


Here is a wonderful terrarium made by Hannah. It is in a gorgeous victorian style wardian case. My thanks to her for sending in these pics! I have links to wardian cases like this right here Wardian Cases


Here is a terrific little succulent and cacti terrarium made by Nate! (and Amy) They watched my video on how to make a desert terrarium and it helped a lot! My thanks to them for sending in this great picture!!


Here is a Carnivorous Plant Terrarium made by Cor. And hmmm.... what website is that!!! My thanks to Cor for sending in this great pic. If you make a terrarium like this be sure to make a ver long pair of tweezers so you can feed the plants!!!


Here are two terrariums made by Anna. Here is what she has to say about them:

I love your site. Being obsessed with terrariums i found a lot of helpful info on it. Below are couple of my own creations.

I've had this air plant for about a month but since it can not be planted in soil i had to figure out some interesting way of displaying it... I found the dome at a thrift store for $3 and, thanks to heavy winds, there were some chunks of wood laying around my yard. To make sure there was no mold or critters in it, and to give it the appearance of driftwood i soaked it for few ours in water an bleach. Yellow stuff is potpourri from a dollar store.



More Terrarium pics from web visitors right here



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