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Terrariums made by web visitors

Lots of people are sending me pictures of the terrariums they have made. This page is for those pictures! If you have made a terrarium and want to see it on this page go ahead and email me a few pictures. I would love to put them here!


Here is another terrarium made by Brayden. It is a beach scene and I really love the container. My thanks to him for sharing the picture with us!


Here is a wonderful terrarium in a glass mushroom made by Brayden! Wow, this is a beautiful retro piece of glass. Probably aren't too many of these around any more! He did a nice job with this. The thick layer of stones give it a good look and the mushroom accents inside are a perfect touch.



Here is a pair of terrariums made by Diane and her daughers Alaina and Danielle. She calls these the "Snow Day Terrariums" because they were the perfect project for a snowy day! The two liter bottle is my famous kids terrarium project. You can check out that project here.



Here is a wonderful and large terrarium made by David. It has an aesthetic that I really like. And if you look down into the soil you can see he did a terrific job with the layering of materials.


Here is a terrarium made by Misti. She bought our terrarium kit and created this magical little world. I really love this terrarium and my thanks go to her for sharing the pics with us!


Here is a wonderful wine glass terrarium with a cactus in it! It was made by Stacy and it came out great! My thanks go to her for sharing the pic with us!!


What should you do if you have acquired a wonderful glass collection? Well, the second picture shows what Andrea has done. Make a terrarium collection! My thanks go to her for sharing these pics with us!



Here is a big terrarium made by Mason Saleeba. This type is my favorite types because you have to make some tools and have patience to get all the plants and materials through the small hole of the glass carboy!



Ingeborg has made a series of wonderful little terrariums. This is a picture of one of them. She is really a terrific terrarium maker. You can see more of them right here: Ingeborg's Bottle Gardens

Here is a wonderful terrarium made by Jessica. It came out great and the little details are wonderful! My thanks go to Jessica for sending in the picture. She ordered my terrarium making kit and this is what she made with it!!!


Here is a pair of wonderful terrariums made by Sandy. My thanks go to her for sharing the pics with us.


More Terrarium pics from web visitors right here



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