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The Lost Terrarium

Terrariums make a terrific present for somebody. And you can tailor it to the persons likes. This is a nice little terrarium made by Roberta and my thanks to her for sending in the picture. The person is a big fan of the TV series Lost so she made it with a Lost theme.

You can do this with just about anything, add some nice little miniatures or ornaments that create a theme.



If you are looking to add some accents to your terrarium I have a page with all kinds of neat little things right here: Terrrarium


Tea Time Fairy Garden Arm Chairs






SceneMaster O Scale Figure Sets - People Sitting

This particular set is kind of neat because you can put them on a little bench in your terrarium.


Mudman Rickshaw - ceramic, sized for bonsai





Single mudman - 2"H



Miniature mudman junk, boat - 2.75"






You can get various figurines in different sizes. Faeries are often terrific for terrariums. Just choose something of a suitable size.




Miniature Fairy Village Town Set






Wizard of Oz Dorothy Mini Figurine





A pair of Frog Terrariums/vivariums
A couple of terrific projects submitted by a web visitor. Here are two frog terrariums complete with all kinds of fun stuff to keep frogs happy. Pattilynn's frog terrariums



Terrariums as a Classrooom Project
Terrariums make a wonderful classroom project for a variety of reasons including stewardship, eco-systems and more. Here are some pictures submitted by a 7th grade science teacher. Classroom terrariums





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