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Michelle's Terrariums and Miniature Eco-systems

Here are pictures of several terrariums that Michelle has made. My thanks to her for sending in these pictures.

This is a great example of how you can take a beautiful container and turn it into an even more beautiful little terrarium or eco-system. Take the time to think abou the size, shape and color of the various plants and object just like Michelle has done.

She has also made several vivariums for geckos, frogs and more. You can check those out here: Michelles Vivariums



Here is a description of the following 5 photos:

1- round clear glass eco
2-lil cup found at thrift store eco
3-cognac glass from thrift store eco
4-fish bowl from thrift store
5-old spagetthi noodle glass jar (with 3 bamboos)

(little butterflies and rocks to decorate bought at a dollorama, just look in the craft section :)

Clear Glass Terrarium


Cognac Glass Terrarium

Brandy Glass Terraium


Fish Bowl Terrarium

Spaghetti Glass Jar with Bamboo terrarium




The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature

In The New Terrarium , Tovah Martin, one of America's favorite gardeners, introduces you to the whimsical yet practical world of gardens under glass-a no-fuss way to bring snippets of nature indoors. Wherever you are, in whatever little time you have, terrariums are the perfect tool for nature lovers and gardeners everywhere.



Terrarium Craft: Create 50 Magical, Miniature Worlds

Easy to make and a wonder to behold, jewel-like terrariums are winning over a new generation of crafters and gardeners. From the simplest of combinations, like a single bromeliad paired with tiny fragments of driftwood in a miniature globe, to incredibly intricate worlds of stones and bones, feathers and ferns, terrariums today marry gardening, fine-art, science, and a touch of modern whimsy, and they are the latest craze in crafting and indoor gardening.

Terrarium Craft is the first step-by-step project book for this new audience. Authors and nursery owners Amy Bryant Aiello and Kate Bryant offer up everything a beginning terrarium crafter needs to get started, from advice about tools and materials, information about plant choices and simple maintenance tips. 50 unique projects offer fantastical inspiration alongside easy-to-follow instructions and ingredients lists. From the nature-inspired combination of blue-tinted echevaria and a milky-white shell to the darkly beautiful pairing of pyrite, black moss, and begonias, there's a terrarium for every taste and style.



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