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An aquatic vivarium/terrarium (in progress)

Here is a vivarium slash terrarium that Michelle is currently working on. Its as great looking project and it is very lush with green colors.

Michelle has several vivarium projects here on my website including tips and materials on making a vivarium.

You can check them out here: Michelles Vivariums

Will has a youtube channel with over 700 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here


Here is what she has to say about the making of this vivarium:

This is a vivarium/terrarium with live plants, but no critters, yet :) It is a giant tank that I originally wanted to do a half water and ground scene with...but after being caught with the surprise of it leaking ! :/

I decided to patch it up the best i could with silicone and continue the terrestrial side of it all the way through.. I still havent got around to it ,but in the meantime, the plants in it are currently doing excellent, they have grown atleast 1 inch each. They seem to love the UV light :) too
Plus I did the layers of clay balls here,then layered with a screen (cheaper version of weed control fabric ) and then finally, my dirt mix ,my plants and then moss and deco to finalize :)

The Following Pictures:

1- the terrarium before beginning
2- this log we flipped vertically to use as a planter for some of the plants if you notice
3- the vivarium on my desk
4- all four of the plants can be seen in this pic
5 -side view








Make a Light Bulb Terrarium

Fun little project inside a household lightbulb. I show you how to open up the bulb and we use some amazing little lichen inside including pixie cups.

Make a light bulb terrarium




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