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Story By August


August wrote this story and created this drawing as part of a contest giveaway for my youtube channel. Wow, is this creative!!!

The dragonslayer Once upon a time There was a knight. Thy knight was no ordinary knight. He was the dragonslayer, and he lived in the castle of epic fantasies.

The third sagdas ( saturday ) of the blood month was here, or as the legends refer to it as, " the day of the dragon ". Still the knight just sat back, relaxed and red his scroll with a paper recipe. Because he had slayn every single dragon in the land of Dragonzia, but what he didn't know was that far away over the mountain of doom in a gigantic cave was El Guapo. El Guapo was the most fearsome, biggest, most dangerous dragon Dragonzia had ever seen. So why did El Guapo sit in the corner of his cave and cry? That was because the dragon didn't have wings. Therefore he was stuck miles away from the castle of epic fantasies and the biggest meal of his life.

But one day El Guapo watched a video on youtube, made by a castlestorm-guy, and he was able to make some pretty neat foamboard wings with a sweet paint job. Then it Began, the biggest journey of El Guapos life. He jumped out of the cave and flew towards the castle of epic fantasies.

Back at the castle the dragonslayer was taking life slow. He watched all of the Lotr movies, and played skyrim while he ate some pizza. Shriiieeeeeeeeeek! All the windows broke. Glass flew everywhere. The Dragonslayer ran to the dressing room and took on his epic slayer suit. After that he ran to the weapon chamber and picked up his trusty old shield and the dragon cleaver (sword). When he Walked out the door he saw the biggest dragon he had ever seen. It was burning everywhere. The sky was red and purple. El Guapos stomach was glowing, smoke came through his teeth and red fire out of his mouth.

Now the dragonslayer Could see his mothers house. It was on fire. All the cute kitties screamed. This was only going to end one way, he thought. He starteted climbing up a big cliff. The dragonslayer raised his sword. 42 massive waves of light was sent out. Fire became grass, the sky was blue, and it was all silent. The land of Dragonzia was dust. Today we call it Stars. The dragonslayer won and created life, the universe and everything. Or atleast thats what the legends tell.







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