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India was a bit of a strange trip for me. I never thought much about it as a travel destination but for some reason it started calling me. It snuck up on me and the calling got stronger. This is because of a set of circumstances in my life. Well, I finally felt the pull so strong that I booked myself a trip.

And it was wonderful. I had a terrific time and sort of moved certain things in my life forward. Funny how places can affect us.

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Will at the Taj Mahal


The Castles of India - If you know anything about me you know I am a fanatic about castles. This website is StormTheCastle.com after all! Well, India has some remarkable castles and
I have pictures and writing about them on a separate page right here: The Castles of India

The Castles of India

My trip to India was quite astonishing. It was everything I thought it was and quite a bit more. India, here in the US has a bit of a reputation and a mystique. And it is all warranted. It is very crowded, as expected. And there is a whole lot of poverty as expected. There is also a very long and very rich history which includes magnificent architecture and art. The crowning piece of work in this vein being of course the Taj Mahal. There it is up above. What more can a person say? Go to India. You won't be disappointed by the people, the hustle, the food, the culture, history or architecture.

The Gandhi Shrine

First let me talk a bit about Gandhi. He was a force that shaped much of modern India. And his presence is felt everywhere. Here I am at the Gandhi Museum and this stone monument marks the exact spot where he was killed.

Gandihi Diorama

One remarkable and different thing they have in the Gandhi musuem is the series of dioramas that depict his life. This was quite unexpected for me and I really enjoyed it. Nobody was in these rooms at all. It was as if the dioramas were all for me. Not really but it was quite a find considering how much I love dioramas.


Here is a typical street scene. I think this is Delhi, but it could be Agra or Jaipur. All the major cities are hustle and bustle like this.


And here is a beautiful step well. It is somewhere in India and I can't remember exactly where but it is famous because of the unique formation of the steps. At the bottom is a well.

A Step well


Here is a room inside a monument they call "The Mini Taj". It is a smaller version of the Taj Mahal and was built some 80 years earlier. The Actual Taj was modeled after this monument only much larger in scale. This was built by a woman as a mausoleum for her parents.

The Mini Taj


The Mini Taj

And, you know I am a big fan of medieval weapons so I also bought this really remarkable dagger while I was there. I love this dagger and will be forging a copy of it.

Sikh Dagger


Ok, one more thing. I would be remiss if I didn't say something about the people. When it comes down to it travel is all about the people. And India is well, crowded with lots of people! That is an understatement but there is a definite fever pitch to the cities and all the commontion that goes on. It is quite wonderful! And they are scrappy!


Children of India

I snapped this picture of three children sitting in the street. Then walked away. A minute later one of them was pulling on the back of my shirt. "Fifty rupees for picture". He said to me. I wasn't surprised so I dug into my pocket and retrieved a bill for him. A few seconds later his two friends/siblings were pulling on the back of my shirt.




Sikh Warrior


Projects you can make


Make an Indian Katar Assassin's Dagger

Fun foam board project and all you need is two sheets of foam board, two rubber bands and two toothpicks. I give you the template. It really works, opens and snaps closed. Make an Indian Katar Dagger


Make an Indian Sikh Dagger

I bought a dagger while on a trip to India. It is quite beautiful. So I thought it would be fun to make one out of foamboard. I give you the template and the ornamental work which makes it very easy for you to make. Make an Indian Sikh dagger.


India the game

India - The Game

This game is a bit different and a whole lot of fun. Instead of rolling dice we use the centuries old technique of flicking a chip just like the game of Carrom that they play in India. Fun adventure where you have to collect the ancient dagger and deliver it to the Taj Mahal. Print and play "India" here


Paper Taj Mahal

Paper Nano Taj Mahal

  • A Persian architectural masterpiece in Agra India, this white marble mausoleum is recognizable by its 4 minarets and huge white dome




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