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Life in Phoenix

This is a work in progress. If you are interested in life in Phoenix you should bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates.


This picture here is an actual picture of a red tailed hawk that decided to have a meal in a tree not 50 feet from my apartment here in Phoenix. Definitely one of my favorite pictures. I also took some video of him feeding.

A Red Tailed Hawk

It's been interesting for me. I have been living in an actual studio apartment in Phoenix for about six weeks now. And I am adjusting. At first things were pretty crazy. People in a big city are definitely different. They tend to be more hardened and more unscrupulous. There's a different kind of game going on.

I seriously considered getting another apartment in another, smaller, city. But, for now I will stay.

I noticed that a lot of people in my housing complex don't spend anytime outside. They rush from their car to their apartment and lock the door. And that's it. They are unseen.

And, lately I have been doing the same thing. But for different reasons. I have been falling into a nice work routine, getting stuff done. And that's my goal. That's why I am here for a year in Phoenix.


Phoenix and New England

I have been a bit amazed though by the weather. It is mid-December and I am walking around outside in just a t-shirt. And driving down the road with my windows open. Off in the distance I can always see various mountain ranges. - Things here are definitely different than they are in New England.

But... I definitely feel the difference when it comes to the holidays. Being a New Englander means cold and snow come Thanksgiving and Christmas. And Arizona is going to be having none of that! There is just a feeling in New England when it comes to the weather and the holidays.


Here is the building I lived in.


And there's me!


Another amazing thing about Phoenix and Arizona is how different the flora and fauna is. Here is an olive tree with a second picture close up on olives.