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The Castles of Ireland


I had a whole lot of fun in Ireland. And it was quite a whirlwind for me because I wanted to hit as many castles as I could. And I did get to quite a few of them. Yay!

If you want to see castles then Ireland is a pretty nice destination for you.

Here are some pictures and information about some of the castles in Ireland.

I also have a video of Ireland on my youtube channel right here.



No trip to the castles of Ireland would be complete without a stop at the world famous Blarney Castle. It is a bit of fun and a whole lot of people did kiss the Blarney stone. Me? No way. LOL

Here is a picture of Blarney Castle.

Blarney Castle


And it is a bit difficult to make out but in tha space there is as person getting ready to lean over and kiss the Blarney Stone. The two meetal straps there are what hold the stone in place.


Kissing the Blarney Stone


One of my favorite castles is Trim Castle. It is located in Trim which is about 40km from Dublin. It is in great shape and the keep shown in this next picture is in just about perfect shape. They give tours through the keep all day long.


The Trim Castle Keep


The Castle keep is located in a courtyard with a wall all the way around it. This next picture shows some of the surrounding wall.


The outside of Trim Castle


One of the big things about Ireland and Dublin in particular is that they have a whole lot of day long bus tours that you can take. These tours go to all kinds of interesting places in the country. I took one of these tours to the Cliffs of Moher and one of the stops we made on the way was at the Rock of Cashel which is a 1700 Year old behemoth of a castle. I love this castle.


The Rock of Cashel


I took the train in dublin to a place called Malahide. It is about 13 km from dublin and a short ride. The goal was to visit this gorgeous castle called Malahide castle.


Malahide castle


Kilkenny is a great castle that is more modern and more like a 17th century palace rather than an old fortress. The town of Kilkenny itself is also worth visiting.



Let's take a look at this castle. It is beautiful and has been full remodeled inside. It is also for sale. I talked to a few people and the best estimate I could get was that this thing started out at 2 million euros but the price has been coming down. Would't this be spectacular? To live in a castle like this? A man can have dreams!


A real castle for sale


Rick Steves Ireland -

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Ireland.

With this guide, you can explore lively Dublin, quaint Kilkenny, and the moss-draped ruins of the Ring of Kerry. Navigate meandering back roads that lead to windswept crags on the dramatic Dingle Peninsula. Explore Ireland's revered past by following St. Patrick's footsteps to the Rock of Cashel. Marvel at Newgrange, the mysterious mound older than the pyramids; then connect with today's Irish culture by grabbing a pint at the local pub, enjoying the fiddle music, and jumping into conversations that buzz with brogue.


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