A Dream in a library

Quite a few years ago I had a dream and I remember it very well.

I was standing between two racks of books in a library. The floor was beautiful glass and the shelves were enormously high. The racks extended far beyond my range of vision and I was overjoyed by the sight of it.

Here were so many things I could know and learn. It was a gift to me. I looked up the racks then down the long space between them and a thought occurred to me: "No matter how long I sat there with the books, no matter how many books I read I would never be able to know them all. There would be so much left unlearned and so much left undiscovered".

This made me weep and I woke up weeping with the sense of loss.

Is it not possible to know everything? And why not?

Given this thought I think I would be able to compromise and be happy with the compromise if I could only know the one thing we all wonder about. In knowing that everything else would become known.


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