I was working at the computer when a big truck pulled up in front of my house and parked. The whole room went dark and for a second I thought there was a total eclipse or something.
I had to snap a picture of this. It just seems to be an apt metaphor for the world we live in. They are everywhere and they are vying for your attention. It leaves you so little time to think for yourself... It is so hard to stay on the goal and to see the path when everything around you screams for your attention. After a thousand times of them telling you how to think it starts to take hold..

I used to think that I had the power to control them, I could turn off the TV or listen only to public radio. I could get a pop up blocker and ignore them in magazines. But no matter how hard we try they still manage to get inside. It's what they do. They spend all their time figuring out how to do it.