A Proof of God

Every day we are surrounded by this amazing and awe inspiring thing we call life. But for the most part we are blind to it. Busy making money, paying the bills, watching tv, dealing with the little things that consume us.

The complexity and the sheer scope of it all is enough of a proof that there is something beyond us and we will call this something beyond us God -not as an old wise man with a grey beard, but as a force that brought everything into being.

Proof for the skeptic

Now if all of this isn't proof enough for you - You might say it is just a series of things that happened, or it is a grand coincidence, or evolution or whatever you want.

God knows you would think this and he created something to convince you of his/her/it's existence. -- The eclipse ---

God created a moon and set it in motion around the earth in exactly the right place and distance so that it would exactly cover the disc of the sun. This is no coincidence. It was done on purpose. It is part of a language that god uses to speak to us.

What is he trying to say? He is saying: I am here and here is the proof.