A couple of weeks after I wrote the tuning for essay I rearranged the furniture in my creativity room. I was moving a second computer in there so I could do my website work in the same room. The website deserves to be in my creativity room because it too is a creative pursuit.

Anyway, in order to make room for a computer table I moved my music stand away from one corner of the room and over near the door of the room. After hours of computer cables, software loading and the like it was late at night so I went to bed. The following morning when I walked into my creativity room I found the tuning fork I thought I had lost forever. It was resting quietly on a string on the backside of the music stand. All this time it had been out of sight with the music stand against the wall. But there it was in plain sight.

It made me wonder. The whole oint of the tuning fork was my quest to find a "note" in this life that I could resonate with. A clear message that would guide me. the lost tuning fork was a metaphor for the loss of this note.

It just seems funny that the tuning fork was right there in the same room with me all the while; even when I searched for another.

It makes you think. Is the tuning fork right there? All the While? Maybe you just have to move a few things around to see it?