The Peace Machine--

We understand machines. -We even take them for granted. They are supposed to fly so they fly. They are supposed to cruise the oceans so they do. The list of machines that we have built is near endless. Television, radio, automobile, telephone, neon lamps, computers water pumps, cassette players, clocks, robots, spacecraft, satellites, x-rays, drills, ferris wheels... the list goes on and on.

Where is the Peace machine? Why isn't there one?

Is it so implausible that there could be a machine that makes peace and love? Just look around your house at the amazing machines that you, as an average everyday person, has access to. Microwave, electric toothbrush, foot massager, cable tv, garage door opener, can opener, on and on.

A Peace Machine is possible it just needs to be built.

I have been building machines all my life, robotics, automation, plastics, and others. I have seen many designs and many things. If there is a need for a machine it can be built. It just has to be pulled out of the ether by someone.

I am going to pull the design for the Peace Machine out of the ether.

Maybe I have to follow traditional design techniques and maybe I don't. Let's just see.

10/14/05 Tomorrow I start building it. I will post pictures of my progress.

10/15/05 Sat at the workbench with a blank piece of paper and doodles. A great idea came to me but after a few hours it seemed to dead end. Will file it away for future reference.

10/18/05 I am not going to force it. Tried working some traditional design approaches, going from the end result (peace) and working backward. Didn't do any good. End result is so unconventional. can't measure it in linear feet, ft/lbs. or any other traditional means of measurement. Maybe I need to figure out how to measure peace. From there I can design an apparatus.

10/19/05 Was tending my bonsai today and a thought struck me. I read somewhere that plants know when a specific person enters the room. They know all the individual people. Pretty amazing.

About the bonsai: I went for a walk early this spring and I stopped at a local produce store and bought an apple. I enjoyed it on the rest of the walk home. By the time I got home I had finished the apple. I took all the seeds out (eleven) and "planted" them in wet tissue paper. This is something I learned in grade school. About a week later six of them germinated so I transplanted them to a small bonsai dish. From these only one grew. and it has done real well. It is now abot ten inches high with beautiful leaves which are browning in preparation for winter.

10/19/05 continued - I envisioned a metal yoke wrapped gently around the trunk of the bonsai. It acts as a sort of collection device and transformer. It collects the peace and love from the tree, amplifies it and then transmits it out into the world. .

10/20/05 I have been trying different ideas. Some good and some not so good. Chased a
few different things around to no avail.

10/23/05 In that peaceful state between sleep and wake yesterday when a good idea
came to me. Scribbled out some drawings. Maybe I am on to something. Half perceived
Visual just popped right into my head. Isn't this how the benzene ring was discovered?

05/23/06 I have some sketches of the machine. Maybe I will post them.

Notice to my readers: It would appear I haven't posted to this page in a while and that is true but I have been moving forward with the project. Here is an update:

09/07/06 I should have told you but this whole machine thing has been running very deep in my mind. It turned into the theme for a novel. I wrote the novel in a 30 day period and then went through a long process of editing and re-writing. The novel is published and you can check it out on but I am not including a link here. You will have to go over and search for it yourself.

09/07/06 Here is a sketch of the machine:

I have also done several table top models. Maybe I will take pictures and post them.

What has been born out of this so far? So far, I have discovered/created a new thing. It is the art of Scrinsculpture. The idea of Scrinsculpting is all about the fact that the form of any thing determines its function. If you can get the form right the function will be what you intended. It takes work and perception to understand the form of things and how it can be molded into the right function. Bosch, the main character in Lion's Last Kill explores this quite a bit.

More Coming ---