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Science Fiction & Fantasy

I have looked long and hard into the mirror of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Finally I took a hammer to it-smashing it into a thousand pieces. Each shard reflected the world back to me in its own individual way- Every view was different. I hammered each piece some more until there were millions of tiny fragments. "The secret is still there" I thought. So I grabbed my telescope and pointed it at the pieces on the floor and the answer came to me. The pieces were a galaxy of stars, each observing and reflecting the world in its own individual way. This is Science Fiction and Fantasy. Each work looks at the world in its own way. Each is a bright diamond or star and in this collection there is everything, and through them we may be able to grok the nature of "The Everything". Pick a subject and Science Fiction and Fantasy has reflected it: armageddon, religion, philosophy, society, technology, human nature, time travel, invisibility, war, love, nature, play, work, culture, space travel, and alternate histories- just to name a few.

So strap on your jet pack or your two-handed sword (both if you so prefer) and get ready for an adventure in words. I will be your guide. - Will Kalif

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  The Lord of the Rings
       J.R.R. Tolkien

  How to Write Science
    Science Fiction &
       Orson Scott Card

  The Sword of Shannara
       Terry Brooks

       Larry Niven

   The People of the
   Black Circle (The     Conan Chronicles)
        Robert E. Howard

   Wizards First Rule
        Terry Goodkind

        Frank Herbert

    The Andromeda Strain
        Michael Crichton

   Blood Music
        Greg Bear


Some things to get you started
To your scattered bodies go
Philip Jose Farmer
Everyone who ever lived wakes up one day on the bank of a million mile river. the main character sets out on a quest for the mouth of the river to find the builders of the world and the answer to the question of why and how? This is a towering work of fantasy/science fiction and a must own.
Stranger in a Strange Land
Robert A. Heinlein
this award winning book turned the science fiction world upside-down with its probing into all aspects of being human. the main character (Michael Valentine Smith) is the sole survivor of a manned space craft crash on mars. He is raised by martians- in a distinctly not-human way. Upon his return to earth he changes everything.
Frank Herbert
This book is absolutely amazing. It reaches into the depths of society, religion philosophy, human potential and perception of reality. The movies, although good, cannot do this novel justice. It is a real gem and a must read! Read more/Buy it now...

40" X 55"
Buy it...

Soylent Green (VHS)
This is an absolute classic! It stars Charlton Heston in a "If things keep going on this way what will the world be like?" Read more/ Buy it now...


2001: A Space Odyssey
Stanley Kubrick
This is what you get when a genius director collaborates with a genius science fiction writer (Arthur C. Clarke.)


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