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Looking for a project to work on? Here is the master list of projects that Will has done.
And almost all of these projects come with a youtube video so you can also check out my youtube channel

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A terrariuim for kids A Terrarium for Kids
Some guidelines and tips for great terrariums that kids can make. Includes a learning sheet that explains how a miniature ecosystem works.
A Terrarium for Kids




Make a Paper Castle Make a Paper Castle (Neuschwanstein)
This is nice paper project where I give you all the plans, You print them up and put them together , Not too hard and looks great - Paper Castle





A Traditional KiteHow to Make a Traditonal Kite

This is an easy kite to make. Just two sticks, some plastic and tape and you are ready to fly it - Make a Regular Kite




A Box KiteHow to Make a Box Kite

A Boxkite is a unique kind of kite that is easy and fun to make and really flies - Even though it doesnt look like it can fly - BoxKite Tutorial




The backyard Ogre CatapultThe Backyard OGRE Catapult

This is a powerful two foot long catapult. I have complete instructions and tutorial on how to build it here The OGRE




Book of stargazing

Little Wonders book of Star Gazing

Enjoying the pursuit of stargazing, easy to find nebulae, galaxies and more. Simple star and moon charts you can print out and use. Star Gazing Book




How to Make a Dragon Pinata

All it takes is a balloon, some paper mache and a little creativity and you have a great themed pinata. Add a sword and your party is transformed! How to Make a Dragon Pinata


Free Paper Game: Storm The Castle an adventure..

The Free Paper Game - Role Playing AdventurePrint, make and play this adventure game. You are a knight and you have to storm through the castle and overthrow the King! Along the adventure you run into guards, wandering beasts and more. Totally free game that you can print up, assemble and play. Including a paper dice if you don't have one. The Paper Game



How to Make a volcano

How to Make a Volcano

This is a nice little project that has some improvements over the typical volcano. It is less mess and easy to clean. The bottle in the middle comes right out so you can clean it and do it again. It is also in a nice little box so the magma stays controlled - Less Mess How to Make a Volcano - New: The Mentos and Diet Coke Volcano - Fires a stream high into the air!


Make a Paper Castle

Make a Paper and cardboard Castle

This is a fun project - I give you all the drawings and plans you need to make this castle thats ready for painting - Make a castle




Brewing Mead

How to Make Mead (Honey Wine)

Mead is a thousand year old wine brewed from honey and water. It is truly a medieval drink. I have embarked on the adventure of brewing my own. See how I am doing and learn how to brew your own mead! Mead Brewing


A Unique Ocean Diorama

Ocean Diorama

This is a unique little ocean diorama shaped like the porthole of a submarine and made out of a cookie tin. I have full instructions and artwork for you to print and make. Easy and fun project. A new take on the ocean diorama. Imagine looking out the porthole of your submarine and discovering Atlantis! Now you can. Ocean Diorama

3d stop motion animation

Stop Motion Animation

All it takes is a cheap digital camera and a computer with Windows XP and you can make your own animations! You are only limited by your creativity. I have animations that I made and a tutorial that shows you how to make your own animations. Stop Motion Animation


A rainforest dioramaRainforest Diorama. This easy project uses the concept of the 5 layers of the rainforest canopy as its building structure which is a nice way to learn about the rainforest The Rainforest Diorama




Catapult Game

Storm The Castle Catapult Game - Build a Popsicle stick catapult and hurl paper balls at the castle. How to make the Game and the catapult are here






Painting MiniaturesMiniatures and Painting Miniatures tutorial. Learn how to paint miniatures. In the tutorial I paint this warhorse. Painting miniatures tutorial



Table Top Troll Catapult

The Table-Top Troll Catapult Build this miniature catapult from materials found around the house. It's an easy project and the catapult really fires projectiles! Catapult Project



The Little Dragon Trebuchet

Build This Trebuchet called "The Little Dragon". Complete instructions with pictures. Made from materials found around the house and hurls a small object 30 feet. Build The Little Dragon Trebuchet

Terrarium Projects

the ultimate terrarium

How to Make a Terrarium. This section has tutorials and instruction on making several different types of terrariums- complete with lots of pictures. Terrarium building home page



How to make video games
Make a video game graphicAre you looking for a way to express your creativity? Making video games is a great way to do it! Wouldn't it be great to make your very own video game? It could be anything you want. The only limit is your imagination and you don't need to know how to program. There is plenty of software available that will do that work for you. You can make your own video games! In the video game design section you can find lots of materials on designing, creating, and playing your own video games.

You can also look through lots of books and find the one right for you.How to make video games

Play Classical GuitarClassical Guitar
Learn How to Play
If you never played and want to learn I have a whole section that will get you going including which books to get, selecting a guitar, how to tune your guitar, how to string it and some introductory lessons.
Learn How to Play Classical guitar

How to Make a Diorama
How to make a diorama

Dioramas are a great way to express creativity. You work through manys stages of the creative process. You conceptualize then design a scene then you work with the materials to make it a reality.-great tutorial that shows you how to make a diorama from start to finish. It walks you through all the steps and techniques.


Miniature SphinxSculpt a Miniature Sphinx : How to sculpt a miniature sphinx. This is part of an Egyptian Diorama I am making.




Make an Egyptian Tatebanko : This is a nice tatebanko project in Egypt. It shows the sphinx and the pyramids and it has a little caravan of camels walking across the desert. Egyptian Tatebanko



Butterfly BoxMake a Butterfly Box Easy project for raising butterflies from caterpillars. All you need is a little bit of screen and a cardboard box. Make a butterfly box



Blacksmithing a triangle Blacksmithing a Triangle Dinner Bell This is a fun little blacksmithing project that is pretty easy. You use some rebar to make a triangle to ring when dinner time rolls around. Fun project for halloween or to add to your weapon repertoire Blacksmith a Triangle Dinner Bell






Butterfly DioramaMake a Bio-Diorama. This is a living diorama with caterpillars and butterflies.StaIt is an interesting idea where part of the diorama is alive! In the case of this one our adventurer is lost in a cave and stumbles upon some enormous cocoons. They are real butterfly cocoons. The Bio Diorama Project




Spartan VambracesMake 300 Spartan Vambraces (armguards)

A tutorial on how to make paper mache and cardboard vambraces that fit well and look good. Just like the ones in the movie 300. Make 300 Spartan Vambraces


Foam terrain and diorama

New Tutorial on how to use foam to make wargaming terrain or a diorama. This tutorial, which includes a video, shows you types of foam, good and bad foam, the tools used, including regular tools and hot wire tools. And it shows you the process for making terrain from foam. The project shown here is completely made out of foam -castle and all. How to use foam to make wargaming terrain and dioramas



Paper Mache Diorama

How to make a paper mache diorama
Don't have the materials for a diorama? You can make one out of paper mache which is just flour and water. I show you how in this tutorial where I make a scene from the Lord of the Rings Castle Helms Deep. How to make a paper mache diorama



An Origami Swan

Make an Origami Swan

This is a tutorial for the absolute beginner. I show you, step by step, how to make a traditional origami swan. If you never did Origami before this is a nice place to start. All you need is a square of paper.



The DragonSlayer 3DragonSlayer 3

This is my latest project. It is the Dragonslayer 3. This one is a serious upgrade to 1 and 2 and maybe I will be able to penetrate the Dragon's Armor with this one! Watch a video of this here. The DragonSlayer 3



Miniature Treasure Chest

How to Sculpt a miniature treasure chest. A treasure chest is a great first project to learn how to sculpt because it is very easy. You can get a good feel for the modelling putty. In this tutorial I sculpt three different chests and show you some techniques. I also use these chests as part of a Casting Miniatures tutorial. How to Sculpt a Miniature Treasure Chest





Make a miniature ladder

How to Make a Miniature Ladder: This is an easy tutorial on how to make an old fashioned wooden ladder. The kind an adventurer might run across in a dungeon. All it takes is a little balsa wood and string. How to make a miniature ladder





Black Dragon Paper Castle Black Dragon Paper Castle
My latest paper castle project. Nice project and a bit of a challenge because of the curved shapes. Nice metaphor of a dragon turned into a castle (Project tutorial not yet completed but coming soon . Black Dragon Paper Castle




Make a Paper Castle Make Miniature Trees
This is a new tutorial in my series of Diorama Making projects. Traditional tree making and some great ideas for creative tree making. Make Miniature Trees




Diorama automated Drawbridge An RC Model Airplane
40 Dollars got me started in this great hobby. I have a whole new section of my site devoted to RC Airplanes and a video and page devoted to my airplane, also a beginners guide if you are thinking about remote control Airplanes  -RC Airplanes


Diorama automated Drawbridge A Motorized Drawbridge
I use a cheap remote control car to make a motorized drawbridge on my eight foot castle diorama. Learn More




Wizards Tower Wizards Tower Diorama and Video Game
This tutorial shows you how to make a foam diorama. It is a battle between a wizard and a dragon. But I took it to another step and make a video game out of the diorama! In the video I play the game for you to watch. Diorama/Video Game.





Make a castle out of clay Make a clay Castle
I can't take credit for this project. A web vistior is doing this based on my paper Neuschwanstein castle plans. This project is not done yet but most of it is complete. Make a Clay Neuschwanstein Castle




The DragonSlayer II Shoulder Fired Rocket Launcher! I don't have a tutorial on how to make this but I do have a couple of videos where I show you this project and how I launch it off! The DragonSlayer 2



Make a fantasy Wall Diorama Make a spectacular Wall diorama for your miniatures
This is an on going project that takes you through the construction of a wonderful wall diorama How to make a Big Wall Diorama for your fantasy miniatures




300 Spartan Greaves

Make 300 Spartan Greaves(leg-guards)

A tutorial on how to make paper mache and cardboard greaves that fit well and look good. Just like the ones in the movie 300. Make 300 Spartan Greaves



300 Diorama

300 Diorama - Battle of Thermopylae

I am currently working on a three foot long diorama of the battle of the Spartans inspired by the 300 movie. It is wired for sound and lighting ( A night battle scene will be great) - I have also made it into a tutorial so you can see how I make this big diorama and you can learn how to make your own great looking dioramas. 300 Diorama