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Growing Bonsai from Seed - Page 2

This is a continuation of the project where I plant a variety of tree seeds and cultivate them into bonsai. Of course this is a very long term project but there is always progress to be made and there are some things I can show you. You can see the first page of this bonsai project here.


One of the most important things I am doing in this project is experimenting with a variety of techniques. I am using various soils and various ways to germinate the seeds. One thing I have done is to try that good old wet paper towel trick. You may have done this in school. It is where you put the seeds between layers of wet paper towels to get them to germinate.

It seems to be working for me because after about a month I am getting my first germination. Here is a look at some of the seeds.

seed has germinated

You can see that the husk has cracked on one and it has sent out it's main root heading straight down.

The seed has germinated

So, It's into the soil for this one.

Transplanted into soil


Let's take a look at some of the plants. I do have a variety of plants and batches that were planted at different times.

This first one here is a Tamarind. It is about six weeks since planting the seed. It has sprouted up pretty good and is nice and straight. Interesting thing about this tree is that the leaves or fronds close up after sunset. And then they open back up again when the sun returns. Kind of neat. This one will be a challenge in the future because of the size of the fronds. In my opinion one of the things you want when choosing a tree to bonsai is very small leaves. This Tamarind currently stands about six inches tall and is very healthy :) Seems to me that this is a very hardy seed and plant, and it obviously grows fast. If you are looking to begin with something the Tamarind might be a good choice for you.



This next plant is a Japanese Pagoda. It stands about four inches tall. It is doing quite well and one of the best things about the Japanese Pagoda is the small leaf size. This should make a great looking bonsai. It is also six weeks from planting the seed.

Japanese Pagoda


These next two plants are Chinese Elm. They are definitely off to a slower start than the other bonsai but they are doing well. The stem or trunk on the chinese elm is very thin and delicate so handle these with care. It feels like a strong wind in the window could bend these over. But, I do like the small leaf size and interesting leaf shape. These should make terrific looking bonsai. They stand around 2 to 3 inches tall.

Chinese Elm


Let's continue on with this bonsai from seed project: Two months after planting



Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree - Medium by Bonsai Boy

  • 10 years old specimen, 10" - 12" tall
  • Recommended indoor bonsai tree, grown and trained by Bonsai Boy
  • Twisted trunk and exposed roots
  • Hardy tree with a great shape


Indoor Bonsai for Beginners

Indoor Bonsai for Beginners: Selection Care Training Creating beautiful, healthy bonsai is a wonderful skill that anyone can learn, with a little time, patience, and this all-inclusive manual. With color photos and drawings to illustrate the points, it introduces all the cultivation techniques; offers expert advice on location, soil types, watering, and pest control; and provides intricate instruction on training the bonsai--including pruning, wiring and stretching it. An A-to-Z guide of all the popular species showcases varieties that range from a flowering Camellia Japonica , with its beautiful smooth stem, to an easy-to-care for Olive tree. Each entry gives some background on the plant, and includes suggestions for acquiring the bonsai and directions on how to position it in the room for best results.


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