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More Terrarium Pictures submitted by Web Visitors



Here is a great zen terrarium submitted by Dan B. It is pretty straightforward, as a zen terrarium should be, and he chose a great plant for it. The first picture is of the container and tool he used and the second picture shows the completed terrarium. He says that the best advice he can give is to use my paper rolled into a funnel. This makes the terrarium making process much easier. Thanks for the great pictures Dan! You can learn the basics of making a zen terrarium at my tutorial here: The Basic Zen Terrarium


Three pictures of a wonderful terrarium made inside a 1 gallon glass jug. Notice the arrangement of plants and the addition of attractive stones. It was a challenge to get everything right while working through the narrow neck and mouth of the jug but well worth the effort. (Submitted by Anthony M.)


Anthony M Terrarium picture 1

Anthony M. Terrarium picture 2

Anthony M Terrarium picture 3



A pair of Frog Terrariums/vivariums
A couple of terrific projects submitted by a web visitor. Here are two frog terrariums complete with all kinds of fun stuff to keep frogs happy. Pattilynn's frog terrariums


Terrariums as a Classrooom Project
Terrariums make a wonderful classroom project for a variety of reasons including stewardship, eco-systems and more. Here are some pictures submitted by a 7th grade science teacher. Classroom terrariums