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Creativity Unleashed - Writing a Book can be so much more than just writing a book

This is the tale of two authors, one book, and how they have harnessed and molded the power of creativity, and took it to new heights. It is called The DAYONE™ project.

One of the most powerful allures of writing a book is the creation of a world. This is what drives many authors. If you are an author or an aspiring author you no doubt have considered how great it would be to breathe more life into your work by taking your created world to new heights by maybe creating a game or a magazine to go along with it.

The Book is Ivory Sword: The Lore of DAYONE

The Map

Here is a map that the authors created for their game world.

What is one of the most important things you can do when creating a world? You create a map. It is a tool that helps your reader or your game player visualize the world in a more realistic and natural way.

And you shouldn't feel limited by your art skills. You can freehand draw the map of your world or you can use a paint program or any number of software tools. The authors of Ivory Sword used Microsoft Visio to create their map world. Visio comes with lots of icons and tools that you can drag and drop right onto your world map.

The Creative Process takes many different paths

The authors of the book tell me of how the process evolved over time. They had originally created the game. That was the first thing. From this they developed a magazine about the game - then from there the saw how it was developing into a world that just needed to be a book. So they wrote it! And they are currently working on their next book.

Exploring Meaning through Creativity

Creativity is a wonderful tool that we have and sometimes just creating world is purely about the joy and the fun of it. But other times the creative process has deep underpinnings of meaning. What I mean here is that there is a goal or an exploration involved - the creativity can be used as a tool; and this is very much what the authors have done with DAYONE. There is a deep underlying exploration in this series of works. Here is a quote about it from their press release:

"Taking advantage of current interest in myths, legends, and imagination, two authors propose to explore social and political mores through creative contributions to the popular media. Their unique cosmic model invites adventurous speculation outside the constraining boundaries of everyday reality."

To learn more about the project, the book and their upcoming book read the full press release.

About the Book:

Synopsis of Ivory Sword
By A. A. Wolfner

A royal prince of the Elfin Empire is convinced that his father resents him. He concocts an adolescent plan involving kidnapping and a sham rescue in order to gain recognition. However, confronted by a real rebellion, it falls upon the young Elf to protect his family’s throne from a maze of military, political, and diplomatic challenges. When the murder of a young female noblewoman forces a naïve woman and her Syron bodyguard to seek revenge, the elfin Prince and his father’s human vassals have a common enemy. They must find a way to muster the centaur, dwarven, and half-elf fiefdoms to their aid. The crusade flounders as other players in the emerging game of power and conspiracy pursue their own conflicting goals. With murder, combat, and assassination confounding the elf’s attempts to rectify his moral failings, can he discover leadership and responsibility in time to destroy the forces of political chaos, and can humans keep their independence within the Elfin Empire?

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The Creatures and Entities of DAYONE

The Authors have composed a remarkable glossary of creatures and beings for their world - complete with their histories and backgrounds. Something like this can be very valuable when creating a world. It is a bestiary of sorts and it helps to keep things organized - particularly when you are also making a game.

Here is a sample from their Bestiary and History: The Variety of Dwarves including Ancient Dwarves, Dwarves of the Forest and Dwarven Trolls.

Take a peek at some of the materials from the Rule Book They created!

The DAYONE Rulebook excerpts


Please note: all the materials for the Ivory Sword are copyright© and may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without express written consent of the authors.

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