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Gift ideas for the Science fiction fan

Are you looking for a gift for a person that just loves science fiction? Here are some good ideas in all price ranges.    
    Some helpful tips to remember when you are shopping for a fan of science fiction
MAGNETS - Less than five bucks!
  • Science Fiction fans can be very particular about what they are a fan of -they are typically almost rabid about their allegiance to their brand of science fiction or fantasy. There are many fans that swear their undying allegiance to Tolkien and everything Tolkien. They even go as far as learning the fictitious languages that are part of Tolkien's middle earth. And you can find the same passion for all different Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. There are fans that feel the same way about Star Trek, about Robert Jordan and about many other genres, writers or even directors. So the first thing you have to do is to be sure that if your science fiction and fantasy fan is one of this kind of fan that you get a gift that is in this same genre. Don't make the mistake of thinking because this fan has a lot of model spaceships in his or her room that he or she is a generic science fiction fan. The space ships might all be from the same show. Or maybe he is just a fan of space ships!
  • Often times there is a friendly rivalry between different brands of science fiction. This rivalry exists between Star Wars and Star Trek. So it would be a faux pas go get a gift frrom the wrong genre. Don't tell a Star Wars fan to "live long and prosper!" And don't tell a Star Trek fan that "The force will be with her!" This schism even exists between different generations of the same tv show. There are many fans who swear undying allegiance to the old Star Trek TV series and who couldn't give two hoots about the new Star Trek TV shows. -and vice versa
  • Is the recipient of your gift a purist of science fiction? This is the kind of fan that can be heard saying: "Just because a movie has spaceships in it doesn't make it science fiction". This can be the hardest type of fan to shop for. They are savvy and particular about what they are looking for. And if you are not savvy in science fiction you can make mistakes here. These fans are often oriented toward books. The best thing you can do here is to probe them with questions. What do they like? Does he or she have a favorite author?
  • Maybe your fan is all about the space ships, ray guns and scantily clad alien babes. That's okay too. You just have to know this!
  • My final advice, to sum it all up, is that you have to observe the recipient of your gift and make a wise decision based on your observations. Science fiction fans are a particular breed and they need special care!

Here is an inexpensive gift option -Refrigeratior Magnets- Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Army of Darkness, Austin Powers, even the Wizard of Oz. most less than five bucks

Movie Magnets

CALENDARS - Ten to fifteen bucks
POSTERS - Ten to fifteen bucks
You can never go wrong with a good poster. Choose from over 1,000.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Posters
T-SHIRTS - Less than Twenty Bucks