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Recognizing the early warning signs of SciFiMS

Definition of SciFiMS (sye-fïms')

Science Fiction Mania Syndrome or SciFiMS is a common disorder of the late twentiety century and early twenty first century.


It occurs most often in preteens and early adolescents. The onset of SciFiMS is not clearly understood and the debate rages on as to whether its cause is predominantly environment caused or Genetically caused.



Verbal symptoms:

The sufferer of SciFiMS will often speak in unintelligible polysyllabic phrases that are incomprehensible to normal humans. Although these phrases are meaningless we have observed phrases that seem to have spread from one SciFiMS sufferer to another such as "Use the Force Luke" or "Live Long and Prosper". Suffereres of SciFiMS have been heard to have uttered these phrases when there is no Luke anywhere around and Live long and prosper has been likened to some kind of ritualistic greeting.

Physical Symptoms:

More symptoms of SciFiMS include long periods of time in an almost hypnotic state watching marathons of the same movies. A SciFiMS sufferer will even recede from the world by locking himself in his bedroom with nothing more than a video game or a stack of favorite books. The only time the sufferer emerges from the bedroom will be to relieve the most base of human necessities such as going to the bathroom or getting something to eat. The sufferer can often be seen swinging long skinny objects like broomsticks around as if they were some kind of weapon. Even accompanying the swinging with a verbal humming sound as if creating an electric buzz.

Mental Symptoms:

It has been postulated that a SciFiMS sufferer quite possibly considers him or herself to be living in another time and place. Often there is a shifting of the time sense with an even split between sufferers. Fifty percent of sufferers claim to live in the far future and fifty percent of sufferers claim to live in the Renaissance period.


A wide variety of treatment programs have been tried in the treatment of SciFiMS including long camping trips enforced daily stays at learning institutions (commonly referred to as schools). These programs have met with very limited success. Often times the sufferer will revert to the same video games, tv shows, books or movies immediately at the conclusion of school or camping.

Recommended care:

Allow your SciFiMS sufferer to continue uninterrupted. Often times they will grow out of it as if it were a case of acne. Continue to feed the sufferer with large quantities of Pizza, Mountain Dew and a large selection of his media or choice such as movies, books, or tv shows.


The SciFiMS sufferer often refuses any kind of treatment or therapy. They are convinced that there is nothing wrong with them and the medical community is embattled in a debate as to whether anything at all can be or should be done for them.

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