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Exercise in creativity: Become The Invisible Man
I touched up a normal photograph to make myself look like the invisible man. You can do the same exact thing in less than half an hour! This tutorial takes you through the whole process step-by-step. And don't let this stop you! Experiment! try different things. Just make sure you keep a clean copy of the original so you can always start over again.
Paint Shop Pro
I used a program called Paint Shop Pro for this tutorial. It is flexible and powerful. If you are a webmaster or a budding graphic artist you should check this program out. It's a low cost alternative to PhotoShop.  
The invisible man

Remember: The variations are endless. Here is a variation of the same picture without the eyeballs. It also gives a great effect.

The invisible man small


Step 1: Choosing the right Photograph

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing a photograph. First off you should save a digital photograph with good resolution. The original file for this photo was taken straight from a $50 dollar digital camera and the file size was 425K. Now this would be no good for a website. It would take a user on a 45k modem a long time to download this photo but we will adjust the size and the resolution after we are done manipulating it. The final file size will be suitable for putting on a website.

You should also consider the elements of the photo. In this photo I wanted to remove my head and when we do that we don't actually remove the head from the photo we just paint over it with the same colors and textures of the background. So I chose a photo with a background (in this case the walls behind my head) that was soft and not of a distinct pattern. If the walls were striped it would be much more difficult to do. You would have to exactly match the stripes.

So lets begin by opening up the original picture. Here is a thumbnail of it:

Photo of Will before becoming invisible


Continue on with the tutorial