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Making an Invisible Man: Page 3
The Collar: Remember that the back of the shirt collar isn't shown so you have to add it in. Only paint in the background pattern where the collar wouldnt be. It is starting to look like there is no head!
Again using the clone brush clone the color blue from the shirt into the flesh areas. This makes the shirt complete with a new false collar. Use a darker color to lightly draw in creases. It looks a little rough in the extreme zoom in but when you look at it in normal view it is going to look great.
The room has a clear corner where the two walls meet. We want to continue this crease all the way down to the top of the collar we just made. Again we use the clone too. We set the starting position with the right mouse click then we left mouse click and draw straight down. This brings the pattern of the crease down. If you are keeping the eyes in the photo then of course you skip over these.
See how the crease is brought right down. If you have trouble with this you could always use a paint tool and a light color to just paint it in.

Here is a closeup of the completed touch up. Notice the shading in the collar. I used a little bit of darker blue to make the crease. See how the corner of the room is brought down to complete the illusion?

On the next page i give you some tips on using the clone tool.