Let's Add some posters to your site

Posters are great and they pay a really good commission to you as a webmaster. You are sure to find some posters that go along with the theme of your site.

Once you have created an account you can log in and create the artwork to put on your site. The process is the same as for Amazon.com. You can create generic banners by clicking on the create banner link then selecting the banner you like.

Copy the code and then paste it into your website. It will have the necessary information embedded right into it so you will get credit for any sales. And just like Amazon.com you can browse through their selection of products and choose specific items to link to. You just have to copy the item number then paste it into the Product links tool. Allposters has a lot of different ways you can create links so experiment with them and find the links that you like.

They also have complete poster stores that you can add right into your site by copying and pasting a few lines of code. Here is an example and it took me less than a minute to create this complete store.

If you want to serve a more upscale market I recommend you try Art.com. Their selection is geared more toward Art Prints. Of course they have a tremendous selection of posters too. Check it out and sign up here:


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