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Keyword shifting-Or how to compete with the big guys for keywords

First a Quick overview of Keywords

Lets say that your nice website is about swords

People use keywords to search the internet. Let me give you an example: If you go to google and type: "Swords" you get (As of the time I wrote this article) over 28 million webpages! It is going to be very difficult, as a little guy, to ever get your website to list in the top of these 28 million. It is possible but very difficult. After all, you have companies with full time employees and experts in search engines all fighting to get these top spots. But there are related keywords that have much fewer hits and you can target these keywords and get to the top of the listings. Heres an example: type in "Final Fantasy Swords" be sure to include the quotes. What I got was 878 listings. Big difference! Is it possible to get to the top of the list with this keyword? It sure is!

Now here is the concept for keyword shifting

You have google adsense ads on your website and these ads will target whatever is on the webpage they display on. And google pays you when somebody clicks on an ad. But, some keywords will pay you only one or two cents per click while other keywords will pay you a dollar or even two dollars per click! Thats a tremendous difference. But, these keywords that are very high paying are very competitive. It is difficult to get listed and found in the top of the search engines because many websites compete for these types of keywords. Remember our 28 million hits?

What you need to do is find keywords in your niche that have much less competititon like "Final Fantasy Swords" is for me. Now on the webpage that people land on when they click your link for Final Fantasy swords make sure you have lots of good information about Final Fantasy Swords. Maintain an absolute ethical position in this. In order to get a good ranking in the search engines you will have to!

But on that page make sure you also have links and information to other pages that have related content for higher paying keywords. This way your web visitor who found you for that keyword will see your other webpages and possibly go there and see your higher paying keyword google ads. Your site is all about swords and you want to offer your visitor lots of information about this subject. Stay in the subject and don't use unethical means like shifting them to subjects not related to your website because they have high paying keywords.

Now find high paying keywords to build pages around. Here is a link to the Overture tool that will give you a rough idea of what keywords are worth. This page also has a great tool for finding keywords that are related. So experiment with various keywords and check them in google to see how much competitition you have for the top spots.

Overture Keyword Tool


1. Use google to find low competition keyword in your niche

2. Use overture to find high paying keywords in your niche

3. Create great pages in low competition keywords to drive traffic to your site

4. Link this page to other pages in your topic that have high paying keywords

Need a google adsense account? Heres the tutorial on how to sign up for free



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