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Two exceptional approaches to inspiring creativity

This is a fantastic book for artists or writers. Particularly if you get blocked. It has lots of great exercises that help you get the creative process flowing. I don't generally have any problem with getting blocked but the exercises are terrific and there are a lot of tools and techniques that will help you get more creative. There is even a creativity contract that you can make with yourself. Talk about creative! I particularly like the tool called "Morning Pages" It is a technique for writing first thing every morning. The focus is on just letting it flow and not worrying about what you write. Just writing is the purpose. I very much like, and use this technique. It really helps get things going.





This book takes a more eastern philosophy point of view when it comes to creativity. The author is a photographer and the book is peppered with wonderful photographs that take you to moments in his life and display the sense he is trying to achieve.

Opening yourself up to the world, being in the moment, and feeling a sense of calm are the path to creativiity. Here is a great quote from the book:

"Create a simple practice for yourself using some routing task that you do every day, such as wasing the dishes, sweepiing the floor, or making the bed. Make an agreement with yourself to perform this task with total awareness. When you wash the dishes, just wash the dishes..... Try bringing to it a mindfulness that is not critical, evaluating, or analytical, but focused simply on being present in the moment."