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Words and phrases from Will's Mind

Fulcrum Shift The title of my first novel. A fulcrum is 1. The point or support on which a lever pivots and 2.An agent through which vital powers are exercised. -So with this in mind the novel has a stone called the fulcum and it it an agent through which vital powers are exercised. This power has been harnessed by evil and it is being used (shifted) to to tip the scales toward evil.

Tribal Compliance
The theory that we are designed right down to the dna to be adapted to the tribal mentality. In todays world of Mass media our tribe includes many people we never meet. And these people have an influence over us. We "comply" to their wishes as we would tribal leaders. Their biggest messages are "Buy" and "consume". As good tribes-people we obey.

Misguided Brilliance
The theory that we, as a culture, are brilliant in our ability to accomplish things and goals that actually are meaningless. The theory proposes we find the right things to apply ourselves to and apply our brilliance correctly.

Xixthian This is a made up word that I use to track search engines. Having a unique word allows me to filter out all the crap when using search engines.

SciFiMS or Science Fiction Mania Syndrome is a frequently occuring syndrome of the late twentiety and early twenty first century. Read the hilarious details about this wide spread

Oververse The "Universe" pretty much says it all. And "multiverse" hints at many universes. But "Oververse" hints at a subtle more-ness. Is a thought part of the universe? Is a feeling part of the universe? They are part of the Oververse.

Thought Course and Thought Stop
When we think about something our mind follows a course; this course is determined by your past experiences, the things you have been taught, and the sum total of things you have heard, seen, experienced. This is the thought course and along the way you make stops at specific areas. These are thought stops.